Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday here in Maine and perfect for genealogy and occasional shoveling.

I spent some unproductive time looking for a relationship between several people whose photographs were taken by a photographer named Smith, whose address wasn't printed on any of the photographs. (Again, I'm would dearly love a database of 19th century photographers!).

The people are William Larrabee, his wife and baby Anna; Liza Emmons Blake (difficult handwriting, so she could be Eliza, Lizza, Lizzie, even Lavinia); and Fannie W. Smith. All photos taken by Smith Photographer CSR. Liza in the photo is an elderly woman, so perhaps born about 1800; Fannie is a young woman, so perhaps born about 1860; William and his wife look nearly middle age, so perhaps Anna is their granddaughter, rather than daughter.

Colin MacNichol was another bust. I found a few of them but am not convinced I have the correct person.

Then I started to research a late 1800s or early 1900s photo of a very scholarly looking fellow named Ivan Staples, taken by a Portland, Maine, photographer. After some digging, I found out that Ivan was born in Limington, Maine, graduated from Bowdoin College and became a physician, who lived mostly in southern Maine but spent some time in Corinth, Maine, in my neck of the woods. He married Eunice A. Hobbs of Saco, Maine. He shows up in the 1928 town report for Paris, Maine, as receiving a payment for reporting births and deaths. I didn't see where the couple had any children, so perhaps no one is interested in this photograph, but I'm happy to research Maine genealogy any day.

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