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1872 Teacher's Register, Robbinston, Maine

State of Maine Teacher's School Register for 1872-3, reported by Robbinston, Washington County, Maine.

The name of the agent was Davis C. Diffin.  The teacher was Rose E. Knapp.


Herbert Brooks, age 10
Robert J. Diffin, age 16
Lyona F. Diffin, age 10
George Diffin, age 10
Jennie Diffin, age
Eva A. Diffin, age 7
Emily Diffin, age 5
Levi R. Ferson, age 12
Charles W. Ferson, age 10
Lottie Ferson, age 8
Dora Ferson, age 5
Maggie R. Gates, age 22
Elmer W. McDonald, age 8
Robert McDonald age 7
Lettie McDonald, age 5
Annie E. Stanhope, age 16
Andrew J. Stanhope, age 7                                            
Loring Stanhope, age 7
Florence Stanhope, age 6
Willie S. Vose, age 11
Myra Vose, age 13
Hiram Waterman, age 13
James C. Diffin, age 14
Wesley A. Diffin, age 5
Albert Diffin, age 14
John Crompton, age 13
Josiah Apt, age 10
Hannah Apt, age 7
Charles Grim, age 8
Amy E. Sherman, age 5
Elthere Goldin[g], age 16
Isaac Goldin[g], age 14
Uriah Stanhope, age 14
Mark McLaughlin, age 10
Martha Diffin, age 14
Annie Fader, age 13
Hiram Hunt, age 12
Stephen Hunt, age 9
John Apt, age 16

Hopefully you'll find an ancestor or two here.

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