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Ledger Turned into Scrapbook, Mudgett or William C. Durgin family, Dixmont Maine

Interesting 1830s/1860s ledger from the family of William C. and Sophronia L. (Mudgett) Durgin, of Dixmont, Maine.   It was turned into a scrapbook, probably by the Durgin daughters, whose names Mary, Jennie and Cora appear in it.

The ledger measures about 7-1/4" long by 6" wide, by about 1/4" thick. 

The girls pasted over pages in the front and back of the ledger, with  doodlings, drawings and scribbles throughout. The first ledger page I can read is dated 1834.  Since I see the name John Mudgett in various places, I'm assuming the ledger originated with the Mudgett family.  

Perhaps William C. Durgin moved onto the property when he married Sophronia and made some entries in the ledger after he was married.  It's also possible that the girls found the ledger discarded by a member of the Mudgett family and that it was never actually used by William.

From online research, I found that William C. Durgin was born  in 1828 in Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine, the son of Joseph and Susan (Chase) Durgin.   

His wife was Sophronia L. Mudgett, born in 1823 in Dixmont, the daughter of Edmund and Lydia (Emery) Mudgett.  Their children were William, Mary, Charles, Cora and Jennie.

Names in the ledger are hard to make out, but I think they include the following:  H. Butman; Galen Knowlton; Simpson; American Friendship; John Mudgett; George Simpson; Emery; Peabody; Mary Durgin; Jennie Durgin; John Morrill; Lemuel Peabody; Randall; John Bickford; William Garland; Gideon Brag (or Gideon Bragg ), David Simpson; Hiram Bragg; David Durgin; David Morrison; Cora E. Durgin; Tasker or Tarker.

If you have any insights to add to the names in this ledger, please let me know.  

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