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Photographs of Elderly Jotham Lincoln Sprague & wife, Dennysville Maine

I'm assuming that this is a photograph of an elderly Jotham Lincoln Sprague of Dennysville, Maine, from the handwriting on the back, which reads" Mrs. J. L. Sprague, Dennysville, Maine", which was probably written by the photographer, along with instructions on how the photograph should be made.

From what I could determine online, Jotham Lincoln Sprague was born 13 September 1818 in Plantation 3, Charlotte, Washington County, Maine, the son of John and Sarah (Lincoln) Sprague.    His father was born in 1875 in  Abington, Massachusetts, the son of Samuel and Mary (Benner) Sprague.   His mother was born in 1788 in Perry, Maine, the daughter of Moses and Sarah (Wilder) Lincoln.

Jotham Lincoln Sprague appears to have married three times, to Julia Ann James, Elizabeth ? and Priscilla Smith.  It appears that Julia had died before Jotham's 1853 marriage to Elizabeth, and it appears that Elizabeth had died in or before 1868, when Jotham married Priscilla Smith.  I'm assuming that the accompanying photograph of Mrs. Sprague is that of Priscilla, but I can't be sure.

Handwriting of the same person appears on the back of Mrs. Sprague's photograph, with instructions just a tad different.  

I don't have the parents of Julia Ann James; for that matter, I don't even know if James was her maiden name.  Nor do I have the maiden name or parents of Elizabeth.   I believe that Priscilla's maiden name was Smith, but I'm not sure; if so, she may have been the daughter of William and Deborah (Carter) Smith.  She was previously married to Andrew Hallowell. 

With Julia, Jotham had children Julia Ann Sylvina, Cecilia Augusta and Sarah Ann T.  With Elizabeth, he had children Mary J., Jotham Lincoln, James Caffren and possibly another Jotham Lincoln, where the first one may have died.  With Priscilla, he had Sarah S.

Hopefully these photographs are meaningful to you.  If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, I would love to hear from you in order to put them in better context.

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