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1881 Autograph Page signed by Adin L. Smith, later a Physician at Machias, Maine

From online research, hopefully correct:

Adin L. Smith was born 21 December 1868 at Jonesboro, Maine, the son of Charles Loring Smith and his wife Asenath Delia (Allen) Smith.  

His paternal grandparents were Benjamin Russell Smith and wife Margaret (Kilton) Smith.  His maternal grandparents were Henry and Leah L. (Jacobs) Allen.

In 1881, Adin L. Smith signed the page shown above in the autograph book of cousin Bernice E. Allen of Centerville, Maine.  Adin's mother Asenath Delia (Allen) Smith and Bernice's father Eben F. Allen were siblings, the offspring of Henry and Leah L. (Jacobs) Allen.

Adin's parents also signed pages in the autograph book.  They were both rather faint, so I had to tweak them a bit.

In 1894, Adin L. Smith married Alice M. Bridgham.  She was born 21 August 1872 at Whitneyville, Maine, the daughter of Zenas W. Bridgham and wife Lucy (Watts) Bridgham.  

Her paternal grandparents were Andrew and Ann (Downs or Downes) Bridgham.  Her maternal grandparents were Samuel Emerson Watts and wife Emily (Farnsworth) Watts.

According to his marriage record, he was a medical student at the time.  It's interesting that there was a Dr. Henry Herbert Smith in Machias at the time, if a relation at all certainly a distant one.  I wonder if he had been an inspiration for Adin.

About 1896, Adin L. Smith graduated from Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and subsequently established a medical practice at Machias, Maine.  

I found a few online references to him, including an interesting report in the Maine State Board of Health Annual Report of 1904 that in June of 1903 a man suffering from smallpox had come to his office in Machias from a bark peeling camp about 40 miles away. 
Machias.June 16, 1903, Dr. A. L. Smith, secretary of the local board of health of Machias telephoned that a man with smallpox had come out from a bark peeling camp on Township 43, about forty miles from Machias. Arrangements were made with Dr. Smith to go into the camp to vaccinate the members of the crew, to disinfect, and to establish such quarantine regulations as might be found to be required. It is not known that any other case resulted from exposure to this one. The men were living in a tent, and left the camp before the eruption was fairly out.

A 1920 issue of the American Journal of Public Health indicated that Dr. Adin L. Smith had been appointed District Health Officer for Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine.

From what I could determine, Dr. Smith and his wife had two children, a daughter Faye, who married Lawrence E. Merrow, and a son Loring B., who died in childhood.

Adin L. Smith died in 1927 at Boston, Massachusetts.

A map of Machias, Maine:

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