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1890 Graduation Exercises Program of Bath High School at Bath, Maine

Program for the Graduating Exercises of the Class of 1890 at Bath High School at Bath, Maine.   Sheet of paper approximately 11-1/2" x 8-1/2", folded into four pages.

This item was found in the 1850s autograph book of Ellen A. Crooker of the Bath, Maine area.  Ellen married Hiram C. Cornish, who was born 26 February 1844 at Bowdoin, Maine.  

For more information on Ellen and Hiram, see the page at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network for Ellen A. Crooker and husband Hiram C. Cornish.   Also, use the search function about a quarter of the way down this page on the right to find other posts dealing with Ellen A. Crooker, Hiram C. Cornish, any other items of ephemera found in the autograph book or to view individual pages of the autograph book (an ongoing process).  

Transcription of the cover, above:

Graduating Exercises of the Class of 1890
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1890, AT 9.00 A.M.
Herbert E. Cole, Principal
Mr. James O. Lincoln
Miss Bertha L. Soule
Miss Maria F. Upton
Miss Viola G. Hogan
George E. Hughes, Esq.
Dr. Edwin M. Fuller
Mr. John G. Richardson

Order of Exercises

Salutatory, John Ernest Quimby
Our State, Elinor Frances Hunt
Woman's Influence, Lillian Grace Wescott
Madame Roland, Mattie Aurelia Montgomery
Lessons from the Rocks, Jennie Williams
Unintended Influence, *Amy Reed Morse
The American Navy, Ernest Linwood Stinson
Recollections, Emma Victoria Matson
The Magnetism of Words, Hattie Maria Brown
July, Katherine Theresa Madden
The Demands of the Age, Herbert Langdon Spinney
Living for Something, Mary Norcross Gilmore
A Leaf from Memory's Tablet, Cynthia Grafton Worth 
A National Hero, Llewellyn Drew Rogers
Knots, Mary Augusta Blasland

All Right, Fannie May Moulton
Henry M. Stanley, *John Parks Chase
My Bouquet of Life, Maude Carleton Worth
Self Praise, Margaret Florence Farrell
Old Letters, Lillian Augusta Soiett
India, Fred Fuller Blaisdell
She Hath Done What She Could, Christena Hanson
Class History, Annie Turner McDonald
Class Prophecy, Jessie Christine Carter
Valedictory, Henry Francis Palmer
Presentation of Diplomas
Singing of Class Ode


Class Ode
Written by Elinor Frances Hunt
Air - "Shells We Gathered Long Ago"

The hour has come when we must part;
Then let us all assembled here,
Drive ev'ry sorrow from the heart,
And brush away the silent tear.
The happy days that have been ours
Should cause nor sorrow nor regret,
Our pathway, ever strewn with flow'rs
Has teemed with joys we'll ne'er forget.

Banish from these parting hours
All gloomy cares and fears today
We'll stew life's pathway with the flow'rs
That we have gathered on our way.

The buds of promise open now
Upon our vision clear and bright;
And joyous hope, on every brow,
Weaves garlands of supreme delight.
The way of wisdom lies before,
Whose portals we're but entering,
And as we con her lessons o'er
We'll ever gladly, gaily sing.
Banish from these fleeting hours, etc.

Times Print, Bath

Map of Bath, Maine:

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  1. Christena Hanson listed as a singer here is my 2nd great aunt ! Thanks for finding this!