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Cabinet Photo of Isaac Wallace Cate, New England pastor and missionary to Japan

Cabinet photograph of a man identified on reverse as "Mr. Cate, our Minister".  The photograph was taken by the Anderson Studio of 60 Merrimack Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

From comparing photographs, I believe this is Isaac Wallace Cate, a minister at various New England parishes and a missionary to Japan, who, along with his wife Ella Gertrude (Stimson) Cate, became a noted authority on Japanese culture.

Here is a printed photograph I found of him, when he was perhaps ten years older than in the photograph above.

It's possible I have the wrong "Mr. Cate", as the New England Cates were apparently a family of many ministers, teachers and lawyers.

From online research, hopefully correct: [and hopefully a reader will provide corrections, if necessary]

Isaac Wallace Cate, who went professionally by the name I. Wallace Cate, was born 30 July 1862 at Calais, Vermont, the son of Lemuel McKnight Cate and wife Jerusha (Pitkin) Cate.  

His paternal grandparents were Isaac and Clarissa (McKnight) Cate.  His maternal grandparents were Edwin and Olive (Dwinel) Pitkin.

Isaac Wallace Cate married Ella Gertrude Stimson in 1892.  She was born in Boston in September of 1865, the daughter of Royal D. and Annie (possibly Mareen or Richardson) Stimson.  Her  paternal grandparents were Edward and Sarah (Foster) Stimson.  I don't have any information on Annie's parents.

From what I could find, the couple had five children:
  • Esther Safford Cate, born in July of 1892 in Japan; a teacher in Vermont and Connecticut; died 1982 in Meriden, Connecticut
  • Weston Attwood Cate, born 27 February 1894 in Japan; Universalist pastor in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont; married Arlene May Jeffords; their son Weston Attwood Cate, Jr., was a prominent Vermont educator; Weston Sr. died in 1962 in Massachusetts
  • Paul Stimson Cate, born 9 March 1900 at Machias, Maine, where his father was a pastor for a time, between his trips to Japan; married Masuko Hirai in Japan where they lived; they divorced when relations soured between the United States and Japan, and Paul returned to the United States in 1939; he married again, but died from illness in 1942.
  • Philip Harding Cate, born 25 August 1902, in Japan; worked in the Oriental Shop in Nashua, New Hampshire with his mother and was involved in the exhibition of Japanese art; he married twice, possibly three times; he died in Hawaii in 1997.

  • Ione Chidzuko Cate, born 18 November 1906 in Tokyo, Japan; was a teacher in Turkey; m. Clarence Nelson; died in 1995 in California.
At least two of the children of Isaac Wallace Cate graduated from Goddard Seminary in Vermont, as he had before them.

Isaac Wallace Cate developed an illness in Japan and was on his way home to the United States when he died on board a ship off the  west coast of New Zealand, on 11 May 1908.  

His widow Ella returned to Japan where she taught until her retirement in 1928.  She and her son Philip operated the Oriental Store at Nashua, New Hampshire.  She died in 1938.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, or if you feel that the photograph is of another Mr. Cate, please leave a comment or contact me directly, so that I change or add information for the benefit of future readers.  Thanks!

An archive of the papers of Isaac Wallace Cate and some of those of his wife and children are held at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library of Harvard Divinity School.  

A Vermont history site has brief biographies of Isaac Wallace Cate, his wife and children.

It's amazing how a photograph purchased at an antique mall can lead to such an interesting family.  

A map of Calais, Vermont:

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