Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1916 Photographs of Gordon Bunker Howe of Richmond, Maine

Two images on one mat of a baby identified on reverse as Gordon Bunker Howe.  

Gordon Bunker Howe was born 29 June 1916 at Richmond, Maine, the son of Ernest E. and Gladys Spolloett (Bunker) Howe, born at Richmond, Maine, and Skowegan, Maine, respectively.

His paternal grandparents were John Charles Fremont Howe and Harriet Newell (Davis) Howe.  His maternal grandparents were Sanford Wentworth Bunker and Mary E. (Spollett) Bunker.

I found a marriage record for a Gordon B. Howe of Richmond, Maine, and Rena C. Ulmer of Bath, Maine, in 1945.

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Richmond, Maine

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