Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mrs. Stephen D. Bartlett and Antique Auto, possibly Massachusetts

Photograph, approximately 4-1/2" by nearly 3", of a woman identified on reverse as Mrs. Stephen D. Bartlett, on the running board of antique automobile.

I can barely make out the letters MA at the bottom edge of the license plate, so perhaps this photograph is of a Mrs. Stephen D. Bartlett who lived in Massachusetts.  Here's the image altered to highlight the text.

Perhaps a reader can identify the make and model of the automobile.  And perhaps the Commonwealth has records of license plates issued early on.

Researching online, I found a few possibilities for a Mrs. Stephen D. Bartlett in Massachusetts, including in Haverhill, Massachusetts and Boston, Massachusetts (and later Cambridge).  There are undoubtedly more, just in Massachusetts.

If you have an insight into the identity of the Mrs. Stephen D. Bartlett pictured above, or if you feel that the license plate was issued in another state, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

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