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1813 Law Creating Town of Levant, Maine

Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Passed by the General Court at Their Session, which Commenced on Wednesday the 26th Day of May, and Which Ended on the 16th Day of June, 1813

Published agreeably to a Resolve of 16th January, 1812

Printed by Russell & Cutler

Booklet, approximately 9-3/4" x 8", starts with page 223; some pages are missing from my copy, which ends at 292 in the middle of a sentence.


An Act to incorporate the inhabitants of Plantation numbered two, in the third range of townships, north of the Waldo Patent, in the county of Hancock, into a town, by the name of Levant.

Sec. 1.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That the Plantation numbered two, in the third range, north of the Waldo Patent, in the county of Hancock, as contained within the following described boundaries, be, and hereby is established a town, by the name of Levant, viz. east by township numbered one, in the third range; north by township numbered two, in the fourth range, (now Corinth); south by townships numbered two and three in the second range; and west by the township granted to Leicester Academy.  And the inhabitants of the said town of Levant are hereby vested with all the powers and privileges, and shall also be subject to all the duties and requisitions of other towns, according to the constitution and laws of this Commonwealth.

Sec. 2.  Be it further enacted, That upon application therefor, any Justice of the Peace for the county of Hancock is hereby authorised to issue a warrant, directed to a freeholder and inhabitant of the said town of Levant, requiring him to notify and warn a meeting of the inhabitants there, to meet at such convenient time and place as shall be appointed in the said warrant, for the choice of such officers as towns are by law required to choose at their annual town meetings.

[Approved by the Governor, June 14, 1813.]

Note: The Leicester Academy Grant is now Stetson, Maine.

Town of Levant, official site

Map of Levant, Maine, in Penobscot County

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