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1893 Class Day Program, Cazenovia, New York

Stamus Tractis Arcubus

Class day Exercises


June 19th, at 2:30 P.M.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Cazenovia, N. Y.


Music, Orchestra
President's Address, W. E. Brown
Vocal Solo, "Only a Rose, Wellings, F. E. Squires
History, H. H. Wadsworth
Piano Solo, "Spinning Song", Litoff, Maud Griffith
Essay, "Royalty in Bonds", Theodora M. Waterman
Music, Orchestra
Oration, "A Phase of Socialism", John C. Dyott
Double Quartette, "Boat Song", Cowan
Prophecy, Clara W. Bragg
Piano Solo, "Valse Caprise", Liszt, Lillian B. Crommie
Valedictory, Daniel C. Knowlton
Class Song, Words by John O. Scudder
Presenter of Scepter, Solomon C. Whitbeck
Music, Orchestra

Class Officers

President,            Wallace E. Brown
Vice-President,     Gertrude Nourse
Secretary,            Rose E. Burrows 
Treasurer,            Aubrey E. King


Gertrude Nourse
Winifred L. Yates
Charles T. Beers
Frank V. Hinman
Daniel C. Knowlton
Frederic W. Roe
William L. Rumsey
John O. Scudder
Harry H. Wadsworth
Theodora M. Waterman
Robert B. Adams
Wallace E. Brown
Aubrey E. King
Herbert C. W. Kingsbury
Edwin E. Riley
Frederick E. Squires
Charles W. Walker
Irving D. Williams

Latin Scientific

Clara W. Bragg
Lillian B. Crommie
Harriet M. Kinne
Alice C. Perkins
John C. Dyott
Harry Waldorf
Lena G. Bordwell
Myrta B. Kelsey
Carrie B. Fletcher
May L. White
Osburn J. Dempster
Solomon C. Whitbeck


Rose E. Burrows
Lucia R. Roe
Effie A. Wheelock
Anna E. Fletcher
Cora A. Tompson
Willard E. Jaquith
Albert D. Wells


Maud Griffith
Anna K. Jones (Vocal)
Lillian B. Crommie

Words by John O. Scudder

Cazenovia, New York

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