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1834 Handwritten Marriage Intention of Samuel Jenness and Miss Polly Edmonds of Rye, New Hampshire

Handwritten marriage intention between Mr. Samuel Jenness and Miss Polly J. Edmonds, dated 25 October 1834 and signed by John A. Trefethen, Town Clerk of Rye, New Hampshire.

From what I could gather online, Polly was the second of three wives of Samuel Wallis Jenness.  He was born 17 June 1787 at Rye, New Hampshire, son of Levi and Elizabeth (Wallis) Jenness.

His first wife was Abigail Perkins, daughter of James and Mary Molly (Perkins) Perkins.   Samuel and Abigail had, I believe, eight children.  Abigail died 13 March 1833.

Samuel Wallis Jenness and Polly Jenness Edmonds fulfilled their marriage intention on 19 July 1835 at Rye, New Hampshire.   Polly was born 16 March 1806 at Rye, New Hampshire, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Molly (Berry) Edmonds.

I couldn't find a record of any children born to Samuel and Polly, but there may have been some.    Polly died 17 August 1841 at Rye, New Hampshire.

Samuel's third wife, whom he married on 11 February 1844, was Sarah S. Randall, daughter of Jacob and Anna (Shute) Randel.  I didn't find a record of any children born to Samuel and Sarah.

If my information is correct, Sarah died 1 March 1875 at Rye, New Hampshire, and Samuel died the next day.

The Town Clerk who handwrote the marriage intention was John Adams Trefethen, who was born 27 July 1799 at Rye, New Hampshire, son of Captain William and Elisabeth (Tucker) Trefethen.  

In November 1834, shortly after he signed the marriage intention above, John married Mary Locke, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Marden) Locke.  Mary was born 25 September 1809 at Rye, New Hampshire.  They had at least four children and lived their lives, it appears, at Rye, New Hampshire.

In addition to being Town Clerk, John served as a selectman, school teacher and state representative.

He died 5 October 1870; his widow Mary died 30 September 1888.

Two of their children, by then elderly, died in 1918, a date that always makes me think of the Spanish Flu, but I don't know the cause of their deaths.  

I found a reference online that indicated about 3000 New Hampshire residents died of this epidemic, which seemed to strike the young and vigorous more than the elderly.

If you have corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

See another blog post for the marriage intention of Samuel's first cousin, once removed, Nathaniel Gilbert Jenness and Miss Emeline E. Lang, dated 20 March 1847 and also signed by John A. Trefethen, Town Clerk of Rye, New Hampshire.

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