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1837 Catalogue of Andover Theological Seminary, Andover, Massachusetts

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Theological Seminary, Andover, Massachusetts, January 1837.  Printed in Andover, by Gould and Newman, 1837


Rev. Justin Edwards, President

Rev. Leonard Woods, Abbot Professor of Christian Theology

Rev. Moses Stuart, Associate Professor of Sacred Literature

Rev. Ralph Emerson, Brown Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Lecturer on Pastoral Theology

Rev. Edwards A. Park, Bartlet Professor of Sacred Rhetoric

O. A. Taylor, Assistant Teacher of Hebrew

Lowell Mason, Instructor in Sacred Music

Resident Licentiates

Names - Residence - Pl. of Theo. Ed.

Abijah R. Baker; Andover; Andover
John V. Beane; Andover
Rev. Nelson Bishop; Manchester, Connecticut; Bangor
Rev. Edward N. Harris; Andover
Rev. John Orcutt; Acworth, New Hampshire
Lucius R. Eastman; Montague; Andover
Alfred Goldsmith; Hallowell, Maine; Andover
Francis V. Pike; Newburyport; Andover


B.H.   Bartlet Hall                             M.C.        Middlebury College
P.H.   Phillips Hall                            N.H.         Nassau Hall
A.C.   Amherst College                    U.C.         Union College 
B.C.   Bowdoin College                    W.C.        Williams College
D.C.   Dartmouth College                 Y.C.         Yale College
H.U.   Harvard University                W.C.Me.  Waterville College
G.C.   Geneva College                      W.U.         Wesleyan University
                                                          B.U.          Brown University

Senior Class

Names, Residence, Graduated, Rooms

Charles E. Abbot; Farmington, Maine; B.C. 1832, 12 B.H.
Charles B. Adams; Boston; A.C. 1834
Frederick A. Adams; New Ipswich, New Hampshire; D.C. 1833; 9B.H.
J. Wheelock Allen; Brunswick, Maine; B.C. 1834; 12 B.H.
Stephen T. Allen; Heath; A.C. 1833; 27 B.H.
Kinsman H. Atkinson; Buxton, Maine; H.U. 1834; 8 B.H.
John H. Avery; Boston; U.C. 1834; 31 B.H.
Philander Bates; Southampton; A.C. 1833; 7 B.H.
Charles C. Beaman; Boston; __ __; 8 B.H.
Hubbard Beebe; Richmond; W.C. 1833; 11 B.H.
Benjamin F. Brown; Goshen; A.C. 1834; 31 B.H.
Isaac Brown; Hamilton; A.C. 1833; 21 B.H.
Samuel G. Brown; Andover; D.C. 1831; Mrs. Brown's
Ebenezer Burgess; Grafton, Vermont; A.C. 1831; 25 B.H.
Calvin Butler; Pelham, New Hampshire; D.C. 1834; 29 B.H.
Hiram Carleton; Barre, Vermont; M.C. 1833; 23 B. H.
William S. Coggin; Tewksbury; D.C. 1834; 15 B.H.
Pliny B. Day; South Hadley; A.C. 1834; 32 B.H.
Thomas Douglass; Waterford, Connecticut; Y.C. 1831; 16 B.H.
Cyrus B. Drake; Weybridge, Vermont; M.C. 1834; 13 B.H.
S. Hopkins Emery; Andover; A.C. 1834; 32 B.H.
Philip Eveleth; New Gloucester, Maine; W.C.Me; 24 P.H.
Henry S. G. French; Boscawen, New Hampshire; Y.C. 1834; 7 B.H.
Ozro French; Dummerston, Vermont; W.C. 1834; 29 B.H.
Henry S. Greene; Boston; A.C. 1834; 14 B.H.
Edward J. Hallock, Jr.; Madrid, New York; M.C. 1833; 23 B.H.
William B. Haskell; New Gloucester, Maine; B.C. 1834; 13 P.H.
John Lord; South Berwick, Maine; D.C. 1833; 9 B.H.
William H. Lord; South Berwick, Maine; D.C. 1832; 9 B.H.
John W. Merrill; Wilbraham; W.U. 1834; 16 B.H.
Edward W. Noble; Williamstown; W.C. 1831; 11 B.H.

Lyman B. Peet; Cornwall, Vermont; M.C. 1834; 13 B.H.
John Pike; Newburyport; B.C. 1833; Mrs. Hitchings'
Alonzo Sanderson; Deerfield; A.C. 1834; 21 B.H.
Timothy Stearns; Billerica; A.C. 1833; 15 B.H.
Samuel H. Taylor; Derry, New Hampshire; D.C. 1832; 25 B.H.
George F. Tewksbury; Oxford, Maine; B.C. 1833; 5 B.H.
Thatcher Thayer; Worcester; A.C. 1831; 5 B.H.
Samuel Wolcott; Jacksonville, Illinois; Y.C. 1833; 27 B.H.
Daniel B. Woods; Andover; U.C. 1833; Dr. Woods'

Middle Class

Joseph Bartlett; Salisbury, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835; Mrs. Chamberlain's
Lucien C. Boynton; Weathersfield, Vermont; M.C. 1834; 2 B.H.
Daniel Butler; Westfield; Y.C. 1835; 4 B.H.
William C. Burke; Hanover, New Hampshire; D.C. 1833; 20 P.H.
Henry T. Cheever; Hallowell, Maine; B.C. 1834; 
Aaron M. Colton; Georgia, Vermont; Y.C. 1835; 3 B.H.
George Cooke; Lebanon, New Hampshire; D.C. 1832 
George W. Creasey; Rowley; B.C. 1835; 6 B.H.
Charles Dame; Acton, Maine; B.C. 1835; 20 B.H.
Allen W. Dodge; New York City; H.U. 1826; Mrs. Hitchings'
David Eastman; Amherst; A.C. 1835; 14 B.H.
Joseph B. Eastman; Salisbury, N.N.; D.C. 1821 [perhaps N.H.?]
Alfred Emerson; Wethersfield, Connecticut; Y.C. 1834; 30 B. H.
John P. Foster; Holden; A.C. 1834; 6 B.H.
Nathaniel B. Fox; Hancock, New Hampshire; A.C. 1835
Daniel Gooden; Londonderry, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835; 20 B.H.

Alonzo Gray; Townshend, Vermont; A.C. 1834; 26 B.H.
Stephen S. N. Greeley; Gilmanton, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835
Charles H. Greenleaf; Salem; D.C. 1832; 22 B.H.
Samuel Harris; East Machias, Maine; B.C. 1833; 17 B.H.
Asa Hemenway; Shoreham, Vermont; M.C. 1835; 18 B.H.
Thomas S. Hubbard; Franklin, Vermont; M.C. 1834; 2 B.H.
Charles D. Jackson; Salem; D.C. 1833; 22 B.H.
Gideon S. Johnson; Haverhill; D.C. 1835
John Jones; Lyndeborough, New Hampshire; D.C. 1834; 30 B.H.
Edward A. Lawrence; Stanstead, Quebec [written L.C. for Lower Canada]; D.C. 1834; 4 B.H.
Edwin Leigh; South Berwick, Maine; B.C. 1835; Mr. Green's
James Means; Amherst, New Hampshire; B.C. 1833; 17 B.H.
James H. Merrill; Lyndeborough, New Hampshire; D.C. 1834
James Nichols; Fall River; U.C. 1835; Dr. Woods'
W. A. Nichols; Buckland; A.C. 1834; 10 B.H.
William A. Peabody; Boxford; A.C. 1835
Dennis Powers; Millbury; A.C. 1835; 15 P.H.
Benjamin G. Riley; Cobleskill, New York; W.C. 1834
Charles S. Sherman; Albany, New York; Y.C. 1835; 1 B.H.
Samuel H. Shepley; Walden, Vermont; B.C. 1833
Homer Taylor; Lempster, New Hampshire; D.C. 1834; 3 B.H.
Reuben E. Taylor; Savannah, Georgia; N.H.___; Dr. Woods'
Timothy A. Taylor; Hawley; A.C. 1835; 10 B.H.
Leander Thompson; Woburn; A.C. 1835; 1 B.H.
Eleazer W. True; Pittsford, New York; __ __; 26 B.H.
E. Richard Tucker; Newburyport; D.C. 1835; 19 B.H.
William Warren; Waterford, Maine; B.C. __; 20 P.H.
Allen H. Weld; Braintree, Vermont; Y.C. 1834; Mrs. Chamberlain's
Worcester Willey; Campton, New Hampshire; D.C. 1834
A. Augustus Wood; Leominster; A.C. 1831; 19 B.H.
Charles W. Wood; Middleborough; B.U. 1834; 18 B.H.

Junior Class

Samuel P. Abbot; Farmington, Maine; B.C. 1836; Mrs. Baker's
David Andrews, Jr.; Dedham; A.C. 1836; 5 P.H.
S. W. Banister; Newburyport; A.C. 1835; 6 P.H.
Samuel Beane; Lyman, New Hampshire; D.C. 1836; 7 P.H.
Timothy G. Brainerd; St. Albans, Vermont; Y.C. 1830; 11 P.H.
John S. Brown; Newburyport; D.C. 1836; 25 P.H.
James Boutwell; Lyndeborough, New Hampshire; D.C. 1836; 16 P.H.
Henry Callahan; Andover; U.C. 1836; Mr. Callahan's
Josiah L. Case; Kingsborough, New York; U.C. 1836; 26 P.H.
Charles Chamberlain; Holliston; B.U. 1836; 19 P.H.
John O. Chandler; Bedford, New Hampshire; D.C. 1836; 22 P.H.
Jacob Chapman; Tamworth, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835; 23 P.H.
Nehemiah C. Coffin; Boscawen, New Hampshire; D.C. 1836; 25 P.H.
John A. Collins; Manchester, Vermont; __ __; 12 P.H.
Elbridge G. Cutler; Farmington, Maine; H.U. __; Mrs. Baker's
E. Porter Dyer; Abington; B.U. 1833; 26 P.H.
Thomas P. Emerson; Parsonsfield, Maine; B.C. 1836; 24 P.H.
John E. Farwell; Ashby; A.C. 1836; 8 P.H.
Thomas P. Field; Boston; A.C. 1834; 5 P.H.
Wayne Gridley; Clinton, New York; H.C. 1836; 16 P. H.
William Bradford Homer; Boston; A.C. 1836; Mr. Clough's
John Humphrey; Amherst; A.C. 1835; 6 P.H.
P. H. Hurlburt; Utica, New York; G.C. __; 12 P. H.
Alonzo Kimball; Leyden, New York; U.C. 1836; 21 P. H.
William H. Latham, Jr.; Thetford, Vermont; D.C. 1836; 22 P. H.
George Leeds; Dorchester; A.C. 1835; Mr. Harris'
John K. Lord; Hanover, New Hampshire; D.C. 1836; Mrs. Chamberlain's
James T. M'Collom; Derry, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835; 9 P.H.
Josiah Peabody; Topsfield; D.C. 1836; 7 P.H.
Samuel L. Rockwood; Sherburne; A.C. 1836; 15 P.H.
Ashley Samson; Cornwall, Vermont; M.C. 1836; 18 P.H.

Richard T. Searle; New Rowley; U.C. 1835; 9 P.H.
Charles E. Stevens; Pembroke, New Hampshire; D.C. 1835; 23 P.H.
James A. B. Stone; Royalton, Vermont; M.C. 1834; 21 P.H.
Samuel R. Thrall; Rutland, Vermont; M.C. 1835; 18 P.H.
Charles W. Treadwell; Salem; A.C. 1836; 17 P.H.
Jeremiah S. Young; Whitestown, New York; __ __; 8 P.H.


Resident Licentiates              8
Senior Class                          40
Middle Class                         47
Junior Class                           37
    Total                                132 

Andover Newton Theological School today

Andover, Massachusetts

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