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1859 Marriage Intention Between John Whitman and Clara M. Nevins of New Gloucester, Maine

Marriage intention of John Whitman and Clara M. Nevins of New Gloucester, handwritten in 1859 by Elisha H. Moseley, Town Clerk of New Gloucester, Maine.

This is one of several New Gloucester marriage intentions written by Elisha Moseley, thankfully in a very legible hand, that I'll be featuring.  They include intentions between:

Reverse of the document shown above:


This certifies that the intentions of marriage between Mr. John Whitman and Miss Clara M. Nevins both of this town were entered in the town clerk's office in the Town of New Gloucester, County of Cumberland, and State of Maine according to law and the parties are duly licensed to be joined in marriage.
Certified at New Gloucester this twelfth day of May in the year of our Lord 1859.
Elisha H. Moseley, Town Clerk

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

John Whitman was born 2 June 1825 at New Gloucester, Maine, son of Obadiah and Susannah (Parsons) Whitman, who were born at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and New Gloucester, Maine, respectively.   

On 10 October 1850, John married Mary Caroline Eveleth, daughter of David and Asenath (Roberts) Eveleth.  Mary was born 12 March 1829 at New Gloucester; she died 16 November 1852.

On 12 May 1859, John married Clara M. Nevins, or Clara M. Nevens.  Clara was born 21 November 1827, daughter of Joel and Jemima D. (Haskell) Nevens.  Clara died in 1909.  John died 27 November 1915.

As for the town clerk, Elisha H. Moseley, who was also a postmaster at New Gloucester, he was born about 1813 in Maine, possibly the son of Rev. Elisha and Nancy (Lobdell) Moseley, but I haven't found proof of that.   

Most of the online vital records for New Gloucester appear to have been constructed at a later time and contain little information.

Elisha H. Moseley married Sophia or Sophronia A. L. Sampson on 15 May 1847 at New Gloucester.  They had at least three children, I believe.  Elisha died 11 November 1862.

Elisha's possible father, Rev. Elisha Moseley, ministered at New Gloucester, Maine, from 1802 to 1826.  He married Nancy Lobdell, daughter of Isaac and Polly (Stetson) Lobdell, on 27 October 1811 at Minot, Maine.  Again, I haven't yet found a record linking the two Elishas; perhaps a reader will step in.

If you have any corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

New Gloucester, Maine

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