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1880s Autograph Album of John Quincy Leffler of Arthur, Illinois

1880s autograph album that belonged to John Quincy Leffler of Arthur, Illinois.

The album is approximately 5-1/4" x 3-1/4" and contains 32 pages signed by John himself, his relatives and friends.  

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

John Quincy Leffler was born 15 July 1859 in Ohio, son of George Washington Leffler and Emaline (McClain) Leffler.  

George Washington Leffler signed a page in John's album.

John's brother Elmore E. Leffler signed a page.

John's brother George Washington Leffler signed a page.

John's sister Emma (Leffler) Barnes of Coles Station, Illinois signed a page.

On 5 November 1884 in Douglass County, Illinois, John Quincy Leffler married Mary Jane "Mollie" Ashwill.  She was born about January 1864 at Lowe Township in Illinois, daughter of Jerome and Permelia Jane (Taylor) Ashwill.

Mollie signed at least two pages in John's album.

The latest autographed page in the album was signed in 1900 by John and Mollie's daughter Gracie.  The family was living at Mattoon, Illinois.

Some of John's Ashwill in-laws also signed pages in his album.

One page contained a recipe for a cholera treatment.

Tucked into the album were these two items.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above or insights into the signers listed above or those in the list below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.
  • Olive of Arthur, Illinois
  • Martha of Arthur, Illinois, 1886
  • Clint A.; John's cousin
  • May of Broken Bow, Nebraska
  • M. E. A., 1885; refers to John as Brother John
  • M.A. of Arthur, Illinois, 1884; possibly Mollie A.
  • Mabel Ashwill of Tuscola, Illinois; John's cousin
  • Mollie Ashwill of Arthur, Illinois; likely the M. A. who signed another page; John's future wife Mary Jane "Mollie" Ashwill
  • Ollie Ashwill of Arthur, Illinois, 1885; refers to John as brother
  • Emma Barnes of Coles Station, Illinois; John's sister Emma C. (Leffler) Barnes, wife of John W. Barnes
  • Annie Charles
  • Charles Elliot of Tuscola, Illinois, 1884
  • Jacob M. Erhardt, 1884
  • Kate Kelso, 1885
  • Mr. John Q. Leffler of Arthur, Illinois; reverse of page has date of 1884
  • George Leffler, John's father
  • Martha Leffler, 1885; John's father
  • Mrs. ? Leffler of Coles Station, Illinois, 1884
  • Gracie Leffler of Mattoon, Illinois, 1900; John's daughter
  • E. E. Leffler; John's brother Elmore E. Leffler
  • G. W. Leffler; John's brother George Washington Leffler
  • Maud McNeil, 1884; not sure of surname
  • Nora Taylor of Atwood, Illinois, 1885
  • J. S. Thorp of Arthur, Illinois, 1884; signed two pages

Arthur, Illinois

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