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1890 Graduation Program of Bath High School at Bath, Maine

Graduating Exercises of the Class of 1890, Bath High School at the Winter Street Church, Friday, June 20, 1890, at 9:00 A.M.

Mr. James O. Lincoln
Miss Maria F. Upton
Miss Bertha L. Soule
Miss Viola G. Hogan

Superintending School Committee
George E. Hughes, Esq.
Dr. Edwin M. Fuller
Mr. John G. Richardson

Order of Exercises

Salutatory, John Ernest Quimby
Our State, Elinor Frances Hunt
Woman's Influence, Lillian Grace Wescott
Madame Roland, Mattie Aurelia Montgomery
Lessons from the Rocks, Jennie Williams
Unintended Influence, *Amy Reed Morse
The American Navy, Ernest Linwood Stinson
Recollections, Emma Victoria Matson
The Magnetism of Words, Hattie Maria Brown
July, Katherine Theresa Madden
The Demands of the Age, Herbert Langdon Spinney
Living for Something, Mary Norcross Gilmore
A Leaf from Memory's Tablet, Cynthia Grafton Worth
A National Hero, Llewellyn Drew Rogers
Knots, Mary Augusta Blasland

All Right, Fannie May Moulton
Henry M. Stanley, *John Parks Chase
My Bouquet of Life, Maude Carleton Worth
Self Praise, Margaret Florence Farrell
Old Letters, Lillian Augusta Soiett
India, Fred Fuller Blaisdell
She Hath Done What She Could, Christena Hanson
Class History, Annie Turner McDonald
Class Prophecy, Jessie Christine Carter
Valedictory, Henry Francis Palmer [the page has a tear running
                 through his name, but I can just make it out]
Presentation of Diplomas
Singing of Class Ode


The Class Ode, above, was written by Elinor Frances Hunt

If you have information on any of the teachers, school committee members of students listed above, feel free to leave a comment.

Bath, Maine

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