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Cabinet Photograph of Bert Kilgore; Norway, Maine studio; likely Adelbert D. Kilgore

Cabinet photograph of a man identified on reverse as Bert Kilgore.  The photograph was taken by the Swan and Stone studio of Norway, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

I believe the man in the photograph is Adelbert D. Kilgore who was born at Hartford, Maine, on 25 May 1858, son of Joshua Dennett Kilgore and Cynthia (Eames) Kilgore.  I found photographs of him at an older age when his mustache was in its silver prime.  His middle name may have been Donald.

Adelbert was married at least three times.  On 28 August 1883 he married Lizzie Adams, daughter of Sylvester and Louise (Pall) Adams of Stoneham, Massachusetts.  They had at least three children:

  • Blanche Sarah Kilgore, born about May 1885; married George Bernard Potter in 1902
  • Etta M. Kilgore, born about June 1886
  • Ethel Louisa Kilgore, born about December 1888; married Wallace W. Jones
Adelbert and Lizzie (Adams) Kilgore divorced on 17 October 1896.

Adelbert married Mary E. (Morrill) Potter on 22 April 1899 at Denmark, Maine.  Mary was born at Raymond, Maine, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Merserve) Morrill.  Mary Abbie died 4 February 1913 at Denmark, Maine.  

On 16 April 1913, at Norway, Maine, Adelbert D. Kilgore married Etta M. (Beecher) Jewell.  She died 5 February 1925.

Adelbert died 4 December 1944 at Norway, Maine.

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Norway, Maine

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  1. Sylvester Adams was married to Louisa Paule. They were from Stoneham, Maine. Sylvester and Louisa were my great-great-great grandparents on my mothers side of the family. My email is Please feel free to contact me.