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1855 History & Catalog of Members of the First Congregational Church of Calais, Maine

A Brief History of the First Congregational Church, Calais, Maine, Their Articles of Faith, Church Covenant, Standing Rules, Questions for Self-Examination and Catalogue of Church Members, July 1855.  Boston, Printed for the Church, 1855

Names that appear on the pages are transcribed below each page.

Names on the page above:

  • Reverend Jotham Sewall
  • Reverend Elijah Kellogg of Portland, Maine
  • Reverend Mr. McCall of St. Stephen, New Brunswick
  • Reverend Jonathan Bigelow of Lubec, Maine
  • Reverend Alexander McLane of St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Names on the page above:

  • Amaziah Nash of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Calais
  • E. M. P. Wells of the First Congregational Church in Middletown, Connecticut
  • David McDougal of the Congregational Church in Portland
  • Lucy Gates of the Congregational Church in Hubbardston, Massachusetts
  • Lydia Christopher of the Congregational Church in Wiscasset, Maine
  • Mary Jellison of the Congregational Church in Wiscasset, Maine
  • Jane Darling of the Congregational Church in Dunbarton, New Hampshire
  • Mary Ann Boies, by professional and baptism
  • Reverend Mr. McEwen
  • Mr. Moses Church
  • Mr. Aaron B. Church
  • Reverend Eber Child of Deering, New Hampshire

Names on the page above:

  • Mr. Franklin Yeaton, then at Bangor, Maine
  • Mr. Batchelder, then at Bangor, Maine
  • Reverend S. H. Keeler of Amesbury Mills, Massachusetts

Names on the page above:

  • Samuel F. Baker, first Deacon of the Church, died October 1849, greatly lamented
  • Deacon George Downes, elected to the office 4 May 1838
  • Deacon James Robbins, elected to the office 7 January 1850

Settled Pastors of the Church

  • Rev. A. B. Church, Settled October 2d, 1828, Dismissed March 20th 1834
  • Rev. Eber Child, Settled January 1st, 1835, Dismissed March 22d, 1837
  • Rev. S. H. Keeler, Settled November 20th 1839

Deacons of the Church, 1855
George Downes
James Robbins

Clerk of the Church

A. L. Clapp

Catalogue of Members

Explanations - * Deceased; d. Dismissed; e. Excluded; nr. Non-resident; (--) Names assumed by marriage, after uniting with the Church; l. Received Letter


d. E. M. P. Wells, l.
d. Amaziah Nash, l.
d. David McDougal, l.
* Mrs. Jane Darling, 1.
* Mrs. Lydia Christopher, 1.
 Mrs. Mary L. Jellison
* Mrs. Lucy Gates, l.
 Mrs. Mary Ann Boies.

1826 ;

Mrs. Mary Arnold, 1. 
* Samuel F. Barker, l.                       
 Anna Deming (Barker)                    
d. Sarah F. Deming
d. Elizabeth Carleton                          
 George Downes                                  
 Mrs. Betsey Downes                         
* Mrs. Phoebe Sawyer                        
 William H. Tyler, l.                           
*d. Samuel Topliff, l. 
d. Mrs. Hannah Topliff, 1.                     
d. Mrs. Anna T. Church, 1.
nr. Sarah A. Jones                               
d. Mary Topliff  


 Thomas Sawyer, 1. 
 Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wilson, l.
 Mrs. Sarah Deming
d. Mrs. Catharine Pond
* Mrs. Ann M. Olmstead   


d. Neal D. Shaw
* Mrs. Emeline Kelsey
 Mrs. Mary Barnard
d. Jacob Lord, l. 
* Mrs. Hannah Lord 
* Josiah Flagg, l.
 Mrs. Sarah Cross
 B. E. A. Wilcox (Weymouth)
 Mrs. Rebecca L. Tyler
* George S. Smith


* Mrs. Harriet Stickney
d. Huldah A. Pond
  Edith A. Johnson (Wharff)
  Lucy Jane Stewart, nr.
  Ashur B. Basford
d. Edward Warren
 Joseph L. Ingalls, nr.

  1832 cont.
* Thomas J. Lee, l.
d. Mrs. Catharine D. Lee, 1.
d. Charlotte C. Davis, l.
 Sarah D. Wharff (Stickney)


d. Charlotte M. Jellison
* Lucinda E. Darling


* Mrs. Sarah Deshon
d. Lucy Lee, l.  


d. Rev. Eber Child, l.
d. Adaline T. Deming, l.
 Samuel Darling
 Abby J. Girdler (Cooper)
 Mrs. Sarah Hanscomb, d.
d. Harriet P. Vance, l.


 Francis Swan
d. Nathan Bacheller
* William G. Brewer
d. Rachel Belmore (Gadsby)
*John P. Deshon, e.  
 John Smith, 3rd, nr.
 Mrs. Mary Aylwood
nr. Margaret Martin
d. Owen Lovejoy
 Martha Gilman, nr.
 Charles Perkins
 Charles E. Swan
d. Asa A. Pond, Jr.
d. John P. Lunt
 James P. Vance, nr.
d. Harriet E. Pond (Bedlow)
* Mrs. Hannah Pike, l.
 Solomon Hawks, nr.
* Dennis Garland, l.
 Mrs. Anna Garland, l.
d. Thomas Rogers, l.
d. Mrs. Margaret A. Rogers, l.
 Margaret M. Gardner, l. nr.   
 Ainsworth Farnham, l. nr.
d. Mrs. Judith Hardy
 Jane Johnson, nr
 Esther Bradford
 George N. Cole, e.
 Jonathan Williams, nr.
d. George M. Porter
 Francis K. Swan
d. David Perkins
 Mrs. Eliza J. Jellison, l.
 Mrs. Elizabeth P. Smith, l.


 James Robbins, l.
 Mrs. Mary Robbins, l.
l. Sophia Harrington, nr.
d. John Johnson
d. Joseph E. Eaton, l.
d. Henry F. Eaton, l.

 John Nichol, l.
 Mrs. A. C. Nichol, 1.
* Mrs. Charlotte O. Pike, l.
 Mrs. Hannah Reed, l.
d. James G. Kimball
 Mrs. Emeline Kimball, d.
 Mrs. Mary Richardson, 1. nr.
* Sarah P. Swan (Manning)
 Lucy McLeod (Panter)
 Adeline Boardman (Todd)
d. Sarah J. Nash
* Emily K. Dyer


 Rosanna Hilton, l.
* Sarah Noyes, l.
* David Spencer, l.
 Jones C. Haycock
 Mrs. Lucinda Haycock
 John Panter
 Tempy F. Weymouth, possibly Temperance F. Weymouth?
d. Isaac Flint, l.
d. Mrs. Caroline Flint, l.
d. Mrs. Eliza J. Stone, l.
 Uriah Smith, l.
 Mrs. Hopestill Smith, l.
d. Mrs. Abigail Albee, b.

Members admitted under the pastorate of Rev. S. H. Keeler

January 1, 1840

 Mrs. Jane Parker, l.
*Thomas D. Smith, l.
d. Mrs. Mary A. Smith, l.
* Mrs. Mary E. Cooper

January 1, 1840 cont.

d. Eliza Ray (Carson)
 William D. Lawrence
 Mrs. Nancy A. B. Lawrence
*Jane E. Eaton
 Samuel Gallagher
 Mrs. Mary Gallagher
 Mrs. Mary A. Barnard
d. Roxana P. Shephard (Ingley)
 A. L. Clapp
 Mrs. Susan B. Clapp
d. Daniel Haverty
* Electius Hoit
  Lydia Hoit
* Lucy Flint (Wight)
* Mrs. Mary T. Galvin
d. Louisa Foster, nr.
 Mrs. Mary Bradford
 Ann Clark
 Sarah Arnold (Goodenow)
 Louisa Bradford, nr.
d. Margaret Thompson
 Mrs. Lucinda C. Williams, nr.


 Mrs. Lydia Todd, nr.
d. Mrs. Betsey Flagg, l.
d. Sarah Lunt (Wells)


 Thomas Robitson
 Cyrus Nowell, nr.
d. Joshua Allen
d. Albert Moore
d. Samuel Smith
 Mrs. Mary R. Purington
d. Jane P. Tinkham
d. Sarah E. Foster (Allen)
 Martha Sherard, nr.
 Melinda T. Legett, nr.
d. Hiram Moan
 Mrs. Elizabeth Lord
 Archibald Holliday
 Mrs. Mary F. Keeler, l.


 Sarah Ann McFarland
d. Edward Foster, l.
*d. Mrs. Fanny Foster, l.
d. Mrs. Fayette Smith, l.


 Mrs. Betsey Grover, l. nr.


 Mrs. Mary Ann Davidson
* Mary D. Downes (Swan)
 Eliza A. Garland (Valentine)
 Mary J. Aylwood, nr.
 Margaret McFarland
 Samuel Johnson
d. George E. Purington
 Andrew McCullough
 Mrs. Ann McCullough
d. Eliza White
 Mrs. Nancy Williams (McBean)
 Mrs. Abby C. Barnard
 Bridget Shea
 Mrs. Lydia Dyer
* Mrs. Mary Ann Kelley
 Sarah Dillon (Boyd)
 Matilda Johnson, nr.
 Mary A. Douglas, nr.
* William S. Tyler
 George J. Brewer, nr.
 Ferdinand Tinker, nr.
 Charles H. Garland
* William P. Garland
 Caleb C. Vance, nr.
d. George Smith
 Oliver Kelley
d. Emeline Kelsey, l.


 Nathan Longfellow, 1.
 Mrs. Harriet A. Longfellow
d. Mrs. Susan Moan
d. Samuel B. Clark, l.
d. Mrs. Emeline Clark, 1.


 Mrs. Mary Garland, l.
 Thomas Bavis
* Mrs. Elizabeth Bavis
 Elizabeth Gadsby, n.r.
 Mrs. Mary Ann Hyde, nr.
d. George Sherman, l.
* Mrs. Mary Bradbury, 1.
d. Anna Eliza Bradbury, 1. (Chandler)

1847 cont.

 Mrs. Helen Swan
 Mrs. Emily Swan
 Sarah C. M. Rockwood, nr. (Purple)
 Samuel W. Valentine
d. Henry Clark
d. Mrs. Mary J. Clark
 Hugh Ross
 Mrs. Mary A. Ross
e. Thomas Hannah
 Mary McKinley (Holliday)
 Mary I. Cooper
 Catharine Clark
 Mrs. Emily Ames, nr.


 Francis Johnson
 Mrs. J. C. Perkins
d. Mrs. Clarissa Lord, l.


 Mrs. Mary L. Manning, l.


 Fannie R. Keeler
 Lucy R. Rockwood
 J. N. Todd
 Mrs. Elizabeth McNutter
 Mrs. Hannah Crocker, l.
* Benajah Lasure, l.
 Mrs. Sarah Lasure, l.
 G. W. Black, 1.
 Mrs. Jane Black, l.

Received in July, 1850

 Anson G. Chandler
 Lewis McGlauflin
 Mrs. Emily McGlauflin
* Leonard Eye
 Mrs. Leonard Eye
 Charlotte Clark
 Mrs. Maria Sawyer
* Mrs. Jane Trimble
 Elizabeth Ann Rockwood
 Mary Jane Garland
 Julia E. Kimball
 Mary A. Kimball
 Josephine Dyer
 Mary J. Dyer
 Mary Hitchings
* James Boyd
 David Rutherford
d. Arthur Daniels
d. Mrs. Mary J. Daniels
 Mrs. Ellen Pike
 Mary E. Wilson
 Cornelia A. Purington
 Abby L. Purington
 Ann E. Barnard
 Mary Ann Lord
 Lydia Harding, nr.
 Sarah J. Dyer
 Mrs. Charity Collins, l.


 Christiana Morrison
 Janette Morrison, nr.


 Isabel McFarland
 Mrs. Caroline Rockwood


 Mrs. Mary Doyle
d. J. A. Frazier
 William H. McKinley
 Mary E. McWhinney
 Emeline Weymouth
 Mrs. Catharine Belmore
 Mrs. H. A. Wells
 Mrs. Laura McAllister, l.
 Mrs. Charles W. Crosby, l.
 Mrs. John Q. Gould, l.
 James McNeal
d. Margaret M. Hardinbrok
 Leonice Smith
 Richard Trimble
 Theresa McCoubray
 Margaret Ross
 Ansel Daily, l.
 Charles W. Crosby, l.
 John Q. Gould, l.


 Phebe Lee
 Catharine A. Wilson
 Joshua C. Perkins


 Charles Crawford
 Alfred Patterson, l.
 Mrs. Mary Patterson, l.
 Mrs. Cornelia Horton, l.
 Willard Stanhope, l.
 Mrs. Bethia Stanhope, l.
 Stephen Barker
 Lyman C. Bailey
 Joseph C. Rockwood
 Mrs. Elmira Hill
 Mrs. Martha J. Kennedy
 Mrs. Margaret Sutherland
 Caroline P. Downes
 Hannah M. Lasure
 Mary J. Arnold
 Ann D. Barker
 Augusta J. Goodwin
 Jessie M. Johnson
 Ellen Orr

Penciled in "Sept. 1855"

 James H. Robbins
 Mrs. Lewis Kelley
 Jane Weymouth
 Laura Bassford

If you have information on any of the people listed above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

 Calais, Maine

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  1. I am actually working on a paper partly on Calais Congregationalism for an
    upcoming conference, so was very intrigued to accidentally happen on your site while searching for another source concerning the minister at the time. Are you by any chance a fellow member of the St. Croix Historical Society? I have used the 1877/78 membership catalogue directory to link most of these members to census returns, but this has the useful advantage of indicating who was already nonresident by 1855. If you are interested in learning more about this project, you can find my name and email easily by searching Evangelicals+Calais+"St. Stephen" which will take you to my profile on the university's departmental site. Good luck with your project, and thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

  2. Not a member of St. Croix Historical Society but member of the Washington County [Maine, obviously] Historical and Genealogical Society (yikes, maybe lapsed, must check) and a nonresident member of a society about 20 miles down the river from you [which meets tonight for a talk by Prof. Gary Campbell on his book on the Aroostook War of 1839] We would love to have you present on any number of intriguing areas at one of our meetings! I'm glad that I took a needed break from 19th century autograph albums to feature this booklet and thus connect with you! You can reach me at heirlooms (dot) reunited (at)