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1790s listing of Children of Daniel & Sarah McAllaster of Lovell, Maine

All that I have of the book above, which may have been a Family Bible, is the back cover, the inside of which lists the birth dates of the McAllaster children.

I believe them to be the children of Daniel & his first wife Sarah (Russell) McAllaster of Lovell, Maine, though online references have the family as McAllister.  

Those references show two other sons for the couple, Jeremiah James McAllister and Peter McAllister, both of whom survived to old age.  The book may have had a scrap of paper at one time to record the additional births.

  • Zaccheus McAllaster, born 1 July 1788
  • Mary McAllaster, born 19 or 29 August 1790; died 23 December 179x [can't decipher last digit]
  • John McAllaster, born 25 October 1791
  • Jane McAllaster, born 21 January 1794.  Online trees have James, but this shows Jane
  • Daniel McAllaster, born 24 January 1796; died July 179x [can't decipher last digit]
  • Sarah McAllaster, born 1 March 1798; died [possibly] February 1799
These dates differ a bit from those in online trees.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Zaccheus McAllaster married Tryphosa "Missey" Heald at Lovell, Maine, on 1 October 1811.  They had, I believe, ten children.

John McAllaster married Lydia Evans at Lovell, Maine, on 17 March 1817.  They had, I believe, seven children.

The unmentioned Jeremiah James McAllister married Sally Wilson and Mary E. Abbott and had several children with each of them.

The unmentioned Peter McAllister married Ruth Elder and had, possibly, eleven children.  I don't know how many went on to raise families of their own.

If you have knowledge of the McAllaster or McAllister family of Lovell, Maine, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Lovell, Maine

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