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1901 Graduation Photograph of Nathaniel Trull Ewer from Lowell Textile School at Lowell, Massachusetts

Photograph of a young man identified on the reverse as N. T. Ewer, or Nathaniel Trull Ewer, taken by the studio of J. Powell of Lowell, Massachusetts.  Notations in the lower left front indicate that this was a 1901 graduation photograph from L.T.S., or Lowell Textile School.

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From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Nathaniel Trull Ewer was born 17 April 1877 at Reading, Massachusetts, the son of James Kendall Ewer and Emeline Holbrook (Trull) Ewer, who were born at Hyannis, Massachusetts, and Tewksbury, Massachusetts, respectively.

On 23 November 1904 at Boston, Massachusetts, Nathaniel married Lilian Mabel Swint, daughter of John Wendall Swint, Jr., and Idellia Strong Richardson, or "Delia".

By the time of the 1910 Census, Nathaniel and Mabel were living at Chester, Delaware, and had two children, son Kendall Swint Ewer and daughter Priscilla E. Ewer.  Nathaniel was working as chemist at a dye company.

By 1920 the family was living at Springfield, Delaware, and there was another child in the family, son Nathaniel, Jr.  Nathaniel, Sr., was still working as a chemist at a dye company.

By 1930, the parents and two older children were living at Swarthmore, Delaware.   Nathaniel, Sr., was shown as working as a chemist.  Nathaniel Jr., was also living at Swarthmore, and is described as a "Son", but he is listed on his own, on a different sheet.  

There may also have been a son Philip, whom I saw mentioned in a newspaper article.

Nathaniel Trull Ewer, Sr., received a patent in 1924 for a foam stablilizer.

If you have corrections to the information above, or additions to it, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

While researching Nathaniel Trull, I came across several articles about a Nat Ewer and the Lucy Evelyn, the Harrington, Maine-built three-masted schooner that spent her final years as a gift shop at Beach Haven, New Jersey.  Small world!  I remember the late Norman Nelson of Machias, Maine, reminiscing about his experience sailing on the Lucy Evelyn in 1934, when he was 16.  Many years later, while traveling down the Atlantic coast, Norman happened to pass through Beach Haven and was thunderstruck to see the Lucy Evelyn there.

Reading, Massachusetts [A] and Lowell, Massachusetts [B]

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